# 43 (bis) MAY 2002
Festival "Les RENCONTRES du BLUES" Casino des Pins aux Sables d'Olones

"Friday, May 9th at noon, it's Bluesy Train turn to champion acoustic blues. There has been three of them for one year now, since they added a percussionist with a snare drum and brushes. Gérard TARTARINI TARTARINI treated us to his bluesy compositions. His voice is steadier every time, the band tighter.Thomas LAURENT takes turns on saxophone and "Mississippi Saxophone", while Gérard uses his guitar or his banjo, Didier MORANDO drum can be discreet or beat that swing when necessary, all this permitting us to have a superb time enjoying our bluesy comedian lyrics - in french !

radio show held by Marc LOISON

CAEN (Fr.)

# 24 APRIL 2002

Festival "BLUES sur SEINE" 2001" It all started .../... with 4 "show cases" at Cergy and Parly2 FNAC.../...A mixture of confirmed artists but also some encouragements to upcoming talents as Bluesy Train featuring Gérard TARTARINI in great shape. He'll be seen again during this festival for he accepted on a very short notice to replace Roland Malines, the White Wolf suffering from tendinitis. Though a little nervous, it's with humor that he'll thank Roland for allowing him to open for Beverly Jo Scott."

February 2002
Philippe ESPEIL

Bluesy Train is a small acoustic band featuring Gérard TARTARINI on guitar, vocal and banjo, Thomas LAURENT on harmonica, and Didier MORANDO on snare drum. This demo was recorded live, and it gives this sides a more human context, showing the kind of energy that radiates from a performance by Bluesy Train. For it is indeed a music full of vitality that the band plays, original compositions with french lyrics not devoid of humor. The song "Mississippi" is a chance to hear a good banjo played by Gérard TARTARINI. Gérard he's a good guitar player and Thomas is just as good on the harmonica. He takes off in a very dynamic way, notably on "Speedy Train" and the instrumental "Bluesy Train". The whole thing is kind of tight and more than nice to listen to.

radio show held by XAVIER - ALBI (Fr) - February 2002.

"This 11 songs demo got class !! Is there a producer around ????"

On a regular basis in the " play list" of
held by MALIKA who produces it.
just a Clic HERE

# 39 JANUARY 2002

It was at the Biplan for Bluesy train [NDLR: Gérard TARTARINI's band] and I'm not sorry for there long drive between brussels and Lille! I attented a show all finesse with 3 very talented musicians. They only did originals in french. It surprised me at the beginning, and was conquered as the show went on, due to the great emotion Gérard sings them with. I'll explain : as I don't speak english, lyrics are to me nothing but music made by the human voice. But there, with Bluesy train, I could directly understand exactly what it was about and immediatly absorbe myself into, and feel with more strength, the moods created by these musicians. And from one song to another, from one story to another, a real blues report René MALINES once put it. On the musical aspect, I liked Gérard's very subtle guitar playing, because he uses effects only to serve the song, not for any statement such as "hey there, look at me, hear my beautiful gimmicks"...". Same thing for Thomas's harmonica that truely followed the songs, adding colors to the mood when the time was right. And Didier MORANDO's, sautillante (quel jeux de jambes!!! ) beat, kind of jerky (what a footwork !!! ) is minimal (2 brushes and 1 drum) but yet efficiant. An excellent moment then, even though the audience was rather small (I've yet met a few fellow countrymen attracted there by Malika's announcements in her radio show [America on RTBF]) and rather shy too. People only started relaxing during the second set. And another regret : why doesn't Thomas play more sax ?

N°18 JANVIER 2002
From the opening night of BLUES sur SEINE 2001 I will only remember the performance of the acoustic trio Bluesy Train who replaced Roland Malines the White Wolf from Marseilles.../...Gérard TARTARINI (guitar/banjo) and Thomas LAURENT (harmonica) added Didier MORANDO on snare drum and his agile brushes bring a geat amount of swing to the ex-duo now a trio. Bluesy Train is an english name, but all they do are good and juicy originals in french. Young harmonicist Thomas LAURENT is only 22 but he already has a tone... A name and a talent to keep a close eye on.

In the same issue : a review of our demo by Joël BIZON : "...Gérard TARTARINI sings and plays guitar and banjo. The second accomplice Thomas LAURENT is on the harmonica that really dominates this CD. The guy blows the ten holes like the Tramontane ! (a very strong wind in the South of France).../...the traditional blues with a touch of folk music inclination is sweet to the ear. I like "Mississippi" with its country turn where Gérard plays banjo. "Metallo Blues" really speaks to me, the voice lies exactly where it should .../...The lyrics are sympathetic, the instrumental part is mastered and the whole thing is taken care over ! It's not easy to go for acoustic blues in french. These two guys really manage ! This first go is full of promises. I hear a drummer just joined them. Affair worth following !"

# 38 bis DECEMBER 2001

"...Bluesy Train...takes the mini stage over as a trio. Yes, Gérard TARTARINI (guitar, banjo & vocal) and Thomas LAURENT (harmonicas) have now the support of Didier MORANDO on snare drum and spoons. This new piece obviously brings more punch to Gérard's originals, which pleases the young audience who let themselves carry with a simple joy by these stories of train, Mississippi and other blues in french. There even was very sympathetic chat about nylon strings on spanish guitars and other topics..."

JULY 2001

A review (translated from italian) of our demo given to Luca at the BLUES PASSION FESTIVAL in COGNAC

"Last but not least, I wish to talk about Gérard TARTARINI, a guitarist and a singer from the Paris area who gave me his demo. Accompanied aboard his BLUESY TRAIN by the excellent and so young Thomas LAURENT on harmonica and Didier MORANDO on a minimum drumkit (snare drum and brushes). Gérard easily applies french original lyrics to a folk blues of antic flavour often supported by a dobro".(*)
(*) Obviously, Luca had the banjo confused with a dobro.

# 22 OCTOBER 2001
Jean-Marcel LAROY

Blues et Jazz in COMPIEGNE june 30th, 2001" an opening act, BLUESY TRAIN lead by Gérard TARTARINI on vocal, guitar and banjo, Thomas LAURENT on harmonica and Didier MORANDO on drums...over an hour of GOOD BLUES sang in french..."

# 34 AUGUST 2001
Jocelyn RICHEZ
Festival "les Notes Bleues"

"The french band BLUESY TRAIN had the honor to open the festival...This acoustic trio easily seduced the audience with original french lyrics with a touch of humor. A great succes especially for the song "Parano-Blues". A very good start for the festival. "

# 15 - 2001
"les Démos du Blues"

"..."...the band provides acoustic blues, boogie and ballads, all of it, and it must be mentionned, sang in french. A little démo that exudes a flavour of authenticity..."Speedy Train" takes the listener for a jerky ride on the tracks..."Metalo-Blues" a chicago blues song where the guitar riff gets catchier..."Mississippi" where the banjo, marvellous instrument too often missing from the french "bluesical" scene, takes over the..."Bluesy Train" a slow blues where the harmonica lets itself go to virtuoso languishing flights..."Pas un Radis" an invitation to travel that concludes this CD that leaves one wishing to know more about BLUESY TRAIN..."

MAY 2001

"...With their new drummer (Didier) it really swings !!! Thomas is really amazing on the harp /.../what a musical presence ! He's an ace ! And our Gérard, vocal and guitar (and banjo too) who performed his own compositions for 1h30 : magnificent !/.../It really was a good day : thanks to BLUESY TRAIN ! "

# 161
Jacques PERIN

"...In the duo chapter, BLUESY TRAIN illustrated the guitar/harmo formula with pretty nice french lyrics... "


"...BLUESY TRAIN follows in the same breath with a story full of the "Spleen de Paris" with some dream material !"

# 27 JANUARY 2001
"Démos and Marvels"

... Gérard songwriter, composer, accompanies his singing with a guitar or a banjo. He's been singing for the past 20 years. Thomas is a younger fellow who blows his harmonicas with virtuosity/.../In fact he brilliantly opens the demo/.../his playing his fast and flowing/.../On " Mississippi " one listens Gérard's banjo with great pleasure/.../his voice is tight, his lyrics flow like waters in a stream and Thomas perfectly supports the melody/.../ BLUESY TRAIN is a band with great potential/.../to sing in french puts them on the right tracks... "


"...BLUESY TRAIN's generosity and sincerity moves you as well as the instrumental perfection Thomas and Gérard provide on a stage. Even though anchored in the rural tradition, their music is totally personal, because of their lyrics as well as their original approach... "

# 19 JANUARY 2001
Christian LE MORVAN

"...Gérard TARTARINI's french compositions is the most interesting part, as well as Thomas level on the harmonica in characteristics blues with the train as main subject. Get information at the wicket ! "

RADIO ROCK - july/august 2000 - Dingo Francis

"A small but efficient band/.../These original compositions, instrumentals or sang in french, show how great the complicity between these companions. /.../And hearing the audience reactions the band doesn't generate moodiness..."

PARIS-MANTES - 11/1999

"...Ovation for BLUESY TRAIN who deliberately chose an english name when they only perform in french..."

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